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FAQs - I am...
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I am... app. Connecting people. For real.


What is I am…?


It is a tool designed to help you connect with the people around you.

You can tell people what you need, what you are looking for or simply what’s on your mind. It can be anything. And you can see what people around you have posted so you can respond to their needs.

Or you can just browse, you nosy little punk…

Why should I use I am…?


Facebook and Twitter are nice to commute with distant friends and family or to get news from all over the world. But communication is digital only. I am… wants to foster real face to face communication.

Facebook and Twitter are not near field. But I am… is both real-time and real-space. There are so many people around you, maybe the solution to a problem lives right around the block…

How does it work?


It’s pretty simple. Just give yourself a (random) username and tell people who you are. This can be anything you want to let the people around you know about. From “I am… looking for job as a consultant” to “I am… annoyed by your loud music!” to “I am… in LOVE!!!”

Whatever it is you want to tell the world – keep it short and informative.
You only got 60 digits!

And be nice. You know what we’re talking about…

The app scans for other users within a certain radius ranging from 20m to 5k and displays them in a list. Unlike Facebook or twitter, people in this list are actually around.

So, leave the house, go out and mingle!

Only 60 characters for my status?


Yes, because we want to keep it simple. This is not facebook with its fancy profiles. Think of it as twitter on legs.

Keep it short and meaningful.

And be nice, dammit!

There are no people showing up in the list?


There are several possible reasons for that:

  1. check your radius, maybe it is set too narrow.
  2. check your categories, select “all” to check if anybody is around.
  3. there are no active I am… users within your radius at the moment :-(.

You could either change your location or invite friends to join I am….

Can I find people without constantly checking the app?


Yes, you actually can!

I am… has a nifty little function to do the work for you. Just go to settings and set a few keywords. The app scans for messages matching any of your keywords and alerts you if someone interesting is within your radius.

Found someone!!! Now what?


Just tap on the persons list entry. Then you can either mark, block or connect with the person.

So if you want to get in touch, tap the connect bubble to send a message. But you better be quick! He or she might be out of range soon. I am… is realtime / realspace, remember…

Nice little dots in list view! But, er, what do they mean?


The dots are distance indicators. The smaller and further away the dots are, the further the person is away from you.

So if you want to get in touch, be quick! He or she might be out of range soon. I am… is realtime / realspace, remember…

No registration? Seriously?!


Nope, no registration! I am… is realtime, it’s about you and the people around you. Everybody is moving and I am… constantly changes. So it didn’t feel right to put in a lengthy registration process.

You start with your first status message, that’s it.

What about privacy?


Good question! We are germans, we practically invented this stuff!

First, we won’t ask for your Email or realname. So we don’t know who you are.

Second, you can use your realname in your status, but you don’t have to. This way, you can tell the world around you what’s on your mind without letting people around you know who you are, either.

As soon as you go offline via settings or terminate the app, you are literally off the map.

Does I am… store any of my personal data?


Yes and no.

Yes, because during usage, your username, status, categories, keywords and location will be stored on the server. Without this small amount of information, I am… would not work.

Your data will be used for this purpose only and just as long as you use I am…!

No, because all of your personal data will be erased from our servers as soon as you log off via the settings menu.

After 4 weeks of inactivity, your data will be erased as well and only stored locally on your phone.

What does “free for a limited time” mean?


I am… is still in a starting phase and we want the network to grow as quickly as possible, so I am… is free for now.

Once we hit a critical mass, the app won’t be free anymore and we will charge (very little) money for usage of all features. For further informations, please read Why not “free” forever?

So, go get it!

Why not “free” forever?


Software development is expensive, even for a comparatively small software like I am…

It has been in the making for two years before launch, and this is when regular costs for servers, support, updates, etc. come in to play.

As we do not want to sell our customers data, we opt for a more old-fashioned business model, that has been working for centuries: you want something – you have to pay for it.

As a result, we have the resources to work in the best interest of our customers, and not advertisers.

What about Android?


I am… v1.0 for iOS is done and we start working on Android soon. Because we are team of two and don’t want to rush things we can’t give you a release date, yet. But you can subscribe to our mailing list and we will notify as soon as we’re ready.

I am… on a Windows Phone is a different story – and highly unlikely. But time will tell…

Didn’t find the answer to your question?


Submit a question, we will be happy to help you.

If it is useful to others, we will publish it in the FAQs section.