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Bugs - I am...
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Nobody is perfect, not even I am… Here is a list of know bugs.
We are anxious to fix them as soon as possible.

Status: 0 known bugs. YAY!

I am… crashes on load.

update: Fixed in Version 1.0.3

Unfortunately, we implemented a bug in version 1.0.2. While fixing several issues in iOS 7, this update leads to crashes in iOS 6.We immediately submitted another update fixing this issue which should be available within the next few days. We are sorry for the inconvenience und thank you for patience!

We send out a short notification, as soon as the update is available.

I am…-ID when chatting

update: Fixed in Version 1.0.2

Sometimes in chat mode, instead of displaying the name of your chat partner, I am… shows a long I am…-ID.
The ID is used to clearly identify your I am…-Installation so communication between two device is spot on. This ID is not your iPhone-ID/UDID or phone number but a special I am…-ID solely used for I am….

Quickfix: For now, end your first chat message with your name, so your chat partner knows who you are.

Status messages get cut off in iOS 7

update: Fixed in Version 1.0.2

In iOS 7, Apple omitted a function decrease font size of overlong text.
Quickfix: we just submitted an update to fix this. In the meantime, you have to keep your status messages even shorter. Let’s see it as an exercise to focus on the essentials…

Discovered a bug?

You found a bug that is not listed here? Please, leave a note, so we can improve I am…. Thank you very much!