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I am... app. Connecting people. For real.


I am... update: multistatus

The second update is ready for download! The biggest changes are:

1. Multistatus! You can post up to three status messages.
2. A better chat. The chat history now includes subjects and chat partners.

I am... update: Puuuuuush

The first of probably two updates before launch is done. The biggest changes are:

1. we moved I am to a new and bigger server.

2. push notifications for new messages and keyword hits.

I am... beta-brunch

On March 3rd we entered the testing phase for I am… with a yummy breakfast. A huge *THANK YOU* to all the beta-tester for their feedback, insights and suggestions!!!

Everything went nice and smooth, so there is only a little tweeking left to be done before we will launch I am… on the App Store.

Keeping you posted.

I am... betatest invite

It’s getting there, we’re almost done! On March 3rd, we are going to start a closed beta-test for I am…

If you have an iPhone and want to participate (90 people max), leave us a message.