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What do you need?*

I am…connects you to the oldest and closest social network of all times: the people around you. It lets you instantly share what you need, what you‘re looking for, what you‘re working on or anything else that’s on your mind.1

It works just like wearing a t-shirt saying „I am… a developer and free for projects.“ or „I am… playing soccer in the park at 4pm. Join me!“

It is literally problem solving in passing, while you follow your daily routine.

Welcome to I am…
*You got 60 characters.

  1. As long as you follow the rules. And be nice. God dammit!


To keep things easy, we cut everything that didn’t seem necessary. The result?

No registration.
No fancy profiles.
No data logging.
No fuzz.

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Not easy enough? You still have questions about I am…?

FAQs, contact information and more – the answer is just one click away.

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for free*
and spread the word!

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Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for testing, ideas and everything else: Nina, Katha, Thomas, Bene, Benni, Anna, Caro, Jürgen, Sibylle, Julia, Philipp, Elisa, Daniel, Benni, Paula, Ulli, Nik, Oliver, Iris, David, Tina, Gerald, Markus, Didi, Martin, Daniela, Manu, Hagen, Toni, Annika, Kathinka, Tobi, André, Stephen, Clint, Danielle, Tirree/Berlin, Jason, David, Rainer, Constanze, kyra-meer.